Beslan Agrba congratulated Levant Atrishba on his election as Chairman of Abkhazfed


Dear Levеnt! 

We congratulate you on your election as Chairman of Abkhazfed. 


I wish you fruitful work on such a responsible and important post. 
The activity of your Federation has an important social and cultural function for Abkhazia. Thanks to its active work you manage to preserve and pass from generation to generation the great heritage of our people.


Your organization unites in its ranks one of the most numerous Abkhazian diaspora in the world. I am confident that you will continue to develop and strengthen comprehensive relations between our Diasporas and contribute to popularization of Abkhazia and formation of its positive image abroad.


Deepening ties between our Diasporas, joint efforts and projects in various spheres aimed at the development of Abkhazia will always be a priority in the activities of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora.


I wish you fruitful work.



Agrba Beslan

Chairman of the Board

Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora


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