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01 декабря 2023
A performance by Nara Pilia's Creative Workshop will take place in Moscow
  • December 4:
    Khibla Gerzmava in G. Puccini's opera "Tosca". Moscow Academic Musical Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Moscow.
  • December 4:
    Master Class by Alisa Gitsba. Musical apartment on Tverskaya Street. Moscow.
  • December 6:
    Concert of Alice Gitsba "Verdi Gala". Svyatoslav Richter Memorial Apartment. Moscow.
  • December 7:
    Concert of Luka Gadeliya "The Universe of Organ Music. From Bach to Einaudi". Moscow Planetarium. Moscow.
  • December 7:
    Khibla Gerzmavas performing at the XV International Christmas Arts Festival. Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society. Novosibirsk.
Quote of the day
  • Abkhazian proverb:
    The homeland is protected by the mind.

Important date

  • December 8 (1879):
    Establishment of a male monastery in New Athos.
  • December 10 (1977):
    Letter from 130 representatives of the intelligentsia, protesting against "the continuation of Beria's policy in Abkhazia".
  • December 10 (1993):
    Adoption of the law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia" by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia.
  • December 12 (2009):
    S. Bagapsh was elected as president of Abkhazia.
  • December 12 (1993):
    The Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia was established.
  • December 14 (1992):
    Lata tragedy. 87 people died.