the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora is open to everyone who considers themselves a native speaker of the Abkhazian language and culture, and is designed to unite all our compatriots.

the history of the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora dates back to 1958. As a public organization, it was established on November 20, 2011, the Charter of the organization was approved, and the governing bodies were formed. Beslan Agrba was elected Chairman of the Board of the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora. 

With the help of the Diaspora, You can:

·always be in the same information field

·      be together with your fellow countrymen;

·get useful information;

·    & nbsp; protect your rights;

·    & nbsp; find new friends;

·find a job or employees;

·    & nbsp; tell about yourself and your business from the rostrum of the Diaspora;

·include your events in the Diaspora events calendar;

·advertise your business by participating in Diaspora partner programs;

·      find reliable business partners;

·      and much more!

By joining the Diaspora you get the opportunity to:

·      participate in projects and events in the Diaspora

·      become a partner of the Diaspora

·participate in events as volunteers

·      to attend events of the Diaspora

·    & nbsp; talk from the rostrum of the Diaspora about yourself and your business;

·receive informational and organizational support for your projects and events;

·  & nbsp;   and many other features!

joining the Diaspora is absolutely free and safe, just leave your contact details in the
“Join” section on the Diaspora website to establish closer interaction with you.

What is the mission of the Diaspora?

the goals of the Diaspora are:

·preserving the unity of the Abkhazian people living on the territory of the Russian Federation

·preserving the national identity, traditions and customs of the Abkhazian people;

·protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Abkhazians living in the Russian Federation

·cultural and spiritual exchange of the Abkhazian Diaspora with citizens of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries;

·    & nbsp; establishing business contacts, both between participants of the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora, and between its participants and entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation;

·assistance in promoting a positive image of the Republic of Abkhazia on the territory of the Russian Federation and comprehensive popularization of the Abkhazian history, culture, traditions, historical, cultural and natural heritage of Abkhazia on the territory of the Russian Federation;

·information and legal support for the Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora;

·promotion of international relations and cooperation in the social and humanitarian sphere;

·    & nbsp; assistance to the socio-economic development of Abkhazia, attracting investment in the economy of Abkhazia;

·    & nbsp; other socially useful and charitable purposes that are not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Moscow Abkhazian Diaspora organizes and conducts cultural, leisure and sports events, contests, competitions, show programs, festivals, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, and fairs. 

In addition, the organization contributes to the implementation of educational programs that include the study of the Abkhazian language, history, literature and art, including through the creation of appropriate educational institutions and much more.