May 21, 1864, the Caucasian War, which lasted for 270 years was ended


In the capital of Abkhazia held commemorative events dedicated to the tragic events of the Caucasian War. The day began with a procession to the Muhajirs Quay, where the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument to Muhajirs. Every year, a procession organized the "International Fund Apsny 'and youth organizations. A column of several hundred runs from Freedom Square to the monument to Muhajirs, accompanied by the sound of a bugle and a traditional Abkhaz bell - "asarkal". Also today, residents and visitors can enjoy an exhibition of books and various materials on makhadjirs, which opens on the waterfront Muhajirs, visit the Abkhazian State theater performance "Cymru" based on the eponymous poem by the People's poet of Abkhazia Rushbey Smir. And in the evening on the Quay Muhajirs will be held "An Evening of Memory", in which protesters descend into the sea wreath with burning candles. May 21, 1864 - the day of termination of Russian- Caucasian War. As a result of the tragic events of thousands of Abkhaz have left their historical homeland. The descendants of Abkhazian Muhajirs live in 50 countries. The largest Abkhaz Diaspora - in Turkey. Source: Apsnypress


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