Ebzhnou Keriman Khalis

winner of the first beauty contest Abkhazian, won the first World beauty contest in July 3, 1932 in Brussels. The title "Ece" - "Queen", it honored Ataturk himself. Keriman represented Turkey, but her historical homeland was Abkhazia. The real name of the ancestors Keriman Khalis - Ebzhnou. They lived in what is now Adler, and then moved to Turkey. There's the grandfather of future beauty queen became Pasha, and her uncle and aunt became famous as a talented musician. The most beautiful girl in the world was born in a family of merchant Tevfik Halis Bey. Parents gave the girl a good education. Beauty young Keriman Khalis chained admiring glances. Her father was forced to five times to deny the beauty contest organizers, referring to the young age of his daughter. Once the parents allowed to participate in the contest, Keriman won the contest in a local school, and then - in the district. June 3, 1932, beating 50 contestants, she won the title of the first beauty of Turkey. In the same year she went on the first ever World beauty contest in Brussels. Just then the first Turkish President Kemal Ataturk Mustfa conducted in democratic reforms, including those relating to the rights and freedoms of women. Participation, and still more the victory of Turkey in the international beauty contest was a landmark event. The new Miss World, Turkey met like a queen. At the Istanbul train station Woman expecting a crowd of fans. "When I got out of the car, the Turkish officers punched me the way so I can go through the crowd. They shouted, waving flowers and very warmly welcomed me, "- recalls Keriman Khalis in his memoirs. Halis Ece Keriman surname has already received in 1934 from the president of the country. "Ece" in Turkish means "queen". After winning the competition Keriman Ece led quite an indoor lifestyle. However, it is known that she had been married twice, to a resident of Turkey is quite unusual. No wonder the Japanese sociologists, describing strengthening the rights of women in the society of the XX century, is often cited as an example a person Keriman. The first beauty queen raised two sons and a daughter and left behind 13 grandchildren. In recent years Keriman Ece spent in a circle of friends. She died the evening of January 29 from a heart attack and was buried the next day in Istanbul. The owner of the world's first beauty queen title just a few months, has not lived up to its centenary. In its historic homeland, in Abkhazia, Keriman Ece remembered with great respect. Popular story about how she arranged the interviewer, calling it "the most beautiful Turkish woman." "I am not a Turk and Circassian, Abaza" - replied Keriman. It seems that its origin is explained and longevity Keriman Eje.